Unwanted hair causes enormous distress, as anyone who has suffered with it will understand, and often brings with it a sense of isolation, low self worth and poor-self esteem. Unwanted hair can be genetic or inherited or one of the symptoms for disorders such as polycystic ovary system. There are also many medications and drugs that cause or stimulate unwanted hair growth as well as hormonal changes within the body such as during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It is often in the case that electrolysists are privileged to witness a dramatic transformation in their clients, from a self conscious, deeply demoralised individual at the beginning of a course of treatments, to confident and happy individual once treatment is under way and making progress. Many women and indeed many men have benefited from this tried and trusted treatment.

Electrolysis Step By Step - Step 1

Superfluous hair growth commonly found on the top lip.

A tiny probe (about the same diameter as the hair) is inserted down into a follicle opening already present in the skin.

Electrolysis Step By Step - Step 1

The probe is charged with a tiny amount of electrical current and you will feel either a build up of warmth concentrated in the locality or a sensation similar to a slight sting. Sensation depends on the area and the method of epilation used.

Electrolysis Step By Step - Step 1

The hair is gently released from the follicle with tweezers leaving the client hair free. The hair slides out easily without traction.

The procedure is repeated on each individual unwanted hair to clear the area as much as possible within a given time frame whilst taking skin reaction into consideration.

Electrolysis Step By Step - Step 1

The next appointment will be made so that regular treatments are maintained. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal.

However each individual hair requires treatment a number of times to provide a solution that is ultimately permanent.

Electrolysis 10

   10 min.


Electrolysis 20

  20 min.


Electrolysis 30

   30 min.


Electrolysis 50

  50 min.


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